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First a Big Disclaimer:

The postings on this blog are my own and not those of my employer, are not necessarily reviewed in advance by my employer, and do not necessarily represent the positions, rulings or opinions of my employer or any one but me personally. Nothing on this site should be viewed as coming from or having anything to do with my employer. Obviously nothing on this site should be viewed in any way as any kind of legal or regulatory advice whatsoever.

About the Site:

I'm going to write about themes, trend, ideas generally, not specific instances or cases. Specific things gleaned from my employment that are not readily availble publicly will not be discussed. Exactly what form everything takes and how it goes remains to be seen. I am as curious as you as to how this all will develop.


This is the meat of the site, if you will. This is a collection of longer analysis and fully formed thoughts. This is all original content although it may reference work by another that I find interesting.

Notes & Quick Notes:

These are just a collection of brief thoughts culled from Twitter. I did not necessarily write these notes, although I may have written some of them. I do moderate this list so even though I may not absolutely agree with everything, I do find all of these ideas both interesting and relevant. I have chosen not to include attributions because Twitter insists I display avatars with names. I feel some peoples' avatars do not meet my professional standards even though they may have interesting things to say. I am afraid this is a case of a few bad actors ruining it for everyone. I encourage you to click on any notes you find interesting and learn more about whomever said them. In the future I hope to figure out a way to work attributions in without avatars. I also suspect there may be something interesting I can do with Twitter lists and separating out my own posts.

Quick Notes are just the top four or five most recent posting from the Notes section.

Of Interest:

These are the latest entries from other blogs that I regularly find interesting.  I try to keep the list focused on smaller blogs; items you are less likely to have come across on your own.  I hope this list is one that expands your reading horizons. In other words, you will not find the Wall Street Journal on this list. Although I generally approve of all of these blogs, I may not necessarily approve of, or agree with, or even care about, their latest post which appears here. While I do moderate the list of blogs I do not moderate their posts and can not control exactly what shows up here.