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About Bob Petry:

Bob evaluates risks inherent in pooled investment vehicles (hedge funds and private equity) for a living. Previously, he worked inside hedge funds and institutional managers.

Bob has been working in the field of quantitative investing since 1995. He has worked in international/global, long/short, behavioral, and traditional domestic products. Bob has worked at integrating quant techniques with fundamental management as well as managing portfolios using strictly statistical analysis and optimization techniques.

Bob specializes in bridging quant and fundamental research, international valuation, behavioral analysis, risk management, modeling and backtesting, constrained optimization, data architecture design and implementation. Bob has programmed in: C++, Vision, Visual Basic, S-plus, SAS, and Perl.

Bob has degrees in engineering and economics from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Yale University. He has also studied economics at Oxford University and the Mises Academy. Bob is both a CFA and CAIA charter holder.

Myers-Briggs generally considers Bob an INTJ (mastermind) although they have on occasion classified him as an ENTJ (field marshal). Both of these assessments express themselves in Bob's ability to set and achieve long-term strategic goals. Bob's friends describe him as both a creative and analytic thinker; someone who can quickly ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of an idea. Bob would tell you that he is an independent mind who is fascinated by limits, because all of the interesting stuff tends to happen at the boundaries.

Bob currently resides in the Boston area.